Bella | A Hawaiian Sunrise Adventure on Oahu

It’s a super special thing to get to photograph a fellow dog photographer, and especially in such a magical place as Hawaii! I met Keri Nakahashi at the amazing Shutterhound Conference in Las Vegas last September, which felt like a once in a lifetime experience to get to immerse in dog photography education in person with hundreds of other pet photographers around the world. It was spectacular! Getting to spend time with another dog photographer in person is so great- you speak the same language that few people in the world do and there is an understanding there that you don’t get to experience very often. Getting to actually photograph a fellow dog photographer with their dog is even cooler though.

Keri, her beautiful dog Bella, and I met up for a sunrise session on a beautiful Oahu beach, and mostly had the beach to ourselves. Bella is just a year old and full of dazzle. She was sprinting all around, jumping up for her ball, chasing rocks, finding sticks, and swimming around with such confidence. She kept dropping rocks into the ocean and then looking around all puzzled, trying to find them. Also, I think aliens found her and tried to steal her with their tractor beam, but alas, she bounded away! You’ll see the beam in one of the photos- I’m not sure what actually happened there, as I have never seen it happen before with any of my photos, but aliens are the only logical explanation, right??

After the beach we headed to a hike up to a waterfall in a gorgeous lush forest full of bamboo and incredible banyan trees. I’ll never get over these trees or this marvelous Hawaiian adventure! I cannot wait to go back.


Dog silhouette against beach sunset on Oahu. Person and dog silhouette playing at sunset Dog jumping to catch ball at beach sunset in Hawaii. White dog swimming at sunset. Golden retriever on beach at sunrise in Hawaii. Woman and dog playing on beach at sunset. Labrador swimming at sunset. Golden retriever swimming at sunset beach. Dog wading in water at tropical beach sunset. Golden retriever enjoying sunset beach time Dog swimming near tropical beach at sunset. Dog playing with stick on beach. Golden retriever enjoying sunset at the beach. Golden retriever standing in ocean at sunset. Woman and dog running on tropical beach at sunset Woman and dog running on beach at sunset. Golden retriever swimming at sunset. White dog running on beach at sunset. White dog sniffing sand on beach at sunset. Golden Retriever on sunny beach with palm trees. White dog playing with stick by lake at sunset. Dog swimming at sunset in sea Dog on tropical beach at sunset Dog standing in forest at sunrise Golden retriever in sunlit bamboo forest. Dog sitting under forest banyan tree canopy. White dog standing by waterfall in lush forest. Dog standing near a jungle waterfall. Woman and dog hiking in lush forest.

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