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Lindsay’s work has been published in a variety of media sources, both locally and internationally, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to feature in our commissioned commercial work for brands and personal projects. Scroll down to submit your application in our model database.

Applications are open to cats and dogs of all breeds and training levels who live in Oregon and Washington.
bergamasco dog running in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon
two shih tzu dogs look up amongst colorful flowers in Washinton
Cat peaks over couch

Frequently asked questions

How does the pet model database work?

We work with pet brands to create images of beautiful dogs and cats in our amazing Oregon landscapes, and we source models from the model database to find the best fit for their specifications, which include breed, age, size, personality, special talents, etc. When a commercial client hires us, we will look through our database to find the dog or cat that will be perfect for their needs and you’ll be contacted if it’s a good match for further discussion. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, it’s for internal Sit Stay Pet Photography use only.

We also look for models for various personal or educational projects throughout the year and use this database as the first resource to draw from.

Will you find modeling work for my dog/cat?

This database is intended to be used as a resource for our commercial clients to find the perfect pets for their Oregon and Pacific Northwest based media projects.  We also source models from the database for our personal photography projects. We are not a talent agency however, so we do not represent any pets or look for jobs for dogs or cats.

Does my dog/cat need to be well trained?

While it is always easier to work with pets that have solid training, it’s not a specific requirement, especially with dogs. With cats, we simply ask that they are confident and curious since they are very likely to be in a new environment, and they are less easy to trick into doing what we want than dogs, ha!

When can i expect to hear from you?

When a commercial job opportunity comes up that would be a good for your pet, you’ll be contacted  to discuss the various details of the project, including any specific requests, projected shoot date, and compensation. When a Sit Stay Pet Photography project comes up that models are needed for, you’ll be contacted if your dog or cat fit the particular vision. It’s entirely possible that this may be months or even years into the future, or not at all. If you aren’t contacted, it definitely doesn’t mean that your pet isn’t truly amazing. It just may mean our commercial clients are only looking for dogs with black fur, or those who have just one ear that goes up, or cats that speak Spanish. You never really know what could come up!

How can I improve my chances of being chosen?

There are a few ways to improve your chances of your dog or cat being selected for modeling for commercial work or personal projects. First, make sure that you choose images to upload that represent your pet’s face and body very clearly with good lighting. It does also help for dogs to have a solid sit/stay, and not be distracted easily. For commercial work, pets that I have photographed before are more likely to be chosen simply because I have worked with them before and know their personality and abilities well. It’s *not* a requirement though, as a test shoot can be done for pets that have the characteristics that are being sought. For personal projects with Sit Stay Pet Photography, I’m often looking for a specific breed or unusual looking pets, but a more important thing to me is that you have some flexibility with your schedule, and you are excited to have the opportunity to be involved.


Will we get paid to model?

It depends, but you will be compensated in some way, for sure! Some commercial clients offer compensation monetarily, or with products. You will be able to review the offer and terms in advance. For Sit Stay Pet Photography projects, you will be offered a credit for digital images or products.

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By submitting your pet to this model database, you're acknowledging the following: There is no guarantee your pet will be selected for a photography project or commercial modeling opportunity. If your pet is selected, you'll be giving permission to Lindsay Baca Photography to license the images of your pet to commercial clients, or release for the use of Lindsay Baca Photography for personal projects. Compensation will be discussed and agreed upon before booking. A signed model release is required. Your email address will be added to the VIP list/newsletter. You can opt out any time for the newsletter or being in the database. No personal information will be shared with anyone- it's for internal use for Lindsay Baca Photography only.
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