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Meet Avery– also known as Puppers, Pupperino, Fur Slug Millionaire, Slugworth, and Miu Miu!  She got her name from a brewery in Denver, where her human parents Curtis and Janice had just moved to from Portland a few years ago.  They were terribly homesick, and they stumbled across this brewery in Boulder called Avery that had beer that reminded them so much of Portland (read: really super excellent beer- yay, PDX!) that it quickly became their favorite place to go! They also loved the name of the brewery, and had actually designated “Avery” as their first dog’s name long before they actually got the real Avery. Well, she was worth the wait and they came back to Portland! We met up at the glorious Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood a couple months ago on a gorgeous summery winter’s day in spring for a fun snow dog photography adventure.  Check it out!


It was such an unbelievably clear day on Mt. Hood with such epic blue skies! Also, OMG I LOVE THIS DOG.


Avery loves the snow like you wouldn’t believe, although I’m pretty sure you will believe it after you see all these photos 🙂


One of the best things about snow for a dog is that you can have people ball it up and throw it at you for catching!  Curtis calls this one “The Shark”. We did this a million times because she loved it so much 🙂


Time for an epicly awesome family portrait!


Avery is always ready for fun. They have taken her backcountry skiing, backpacking, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and swimming.  Such an adventurous pup! I asked Janice and Curtis to tell me one of their favorite stories about Avery and this is just too too too adorable: “We took her hiking/camping when she was just a few months old. She was great on the way up the hike. On the way back, at any moment we paused, she would veer off the trail and dig a hole in the snow and immediately fall asleep. It was extremely cute.” !!!!!!!!!


I love this silhouette of her German Shepherdness glory!


It was so clear that you could see Mt. Jefferson.  So beautiful.  How amazing is Oregon?


Hey Avery, would you mind doing a perfect head tilt for me?


That’s a happy face right there.


And some happy feet.


And another beaming face!


Avery gets a new hat.


It’s true, she ate about a gallon of snow.




If you haven’t noticed by now, Avery could catch snowballs ALL DAY.


It’s been about 5 years of pure awesomeness with this trio 🙂


That was the best day!! What an amazing time with incredible beings. Thanks for so so so much fun, you guys! Did you know that Timberline Lodge recently became pet friendly? It’s the perfect weekend getaway without having to worry about getting a pet sitter, and dogs love playing in the snow as much as you do. The snow season lasts a lot longer than you would think too.  Ski the day away and add in a photo shoot with your pup, and you have yourself an unforgettable experience!  Consider doing a shoot with me there next winter and your dog could have as much fun as Avery did 🙂

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