Obi | Snow Dog Photo Session on Mt. Hood

Obi is a pretty amazing sheepadoodle of floofy delightfulness, and we had such a highly memorable session together during a blizzard on Mt. Hood. First we met at dog friendly White River West Sno-Park, because I wanted to try out a new snow location with this dog that actually looks like a snowball with legs. I was happy it was snowing, but we were faced with such unexpected high winds as well that we had to expedite our adventure to shoot as quickly as possible! I could actually barely hear Obi’s dad Matt over the howling winds, but Obi and Matt communicated perfectly with sign language. Obi is a deaf dog, so he is very used to looking to his humans to check in constantly. They are very in tune, and I was pretty impressed how Obi “listened” better than most of the dogs I work with. Obi really loved running around in the snow- he was such a happy boy!

We wanted to give Obi a break so he could melt his leg snowballs, so we headed to our next location up the mountain, where it was so windy that I could barely open the door! That was a very quick “no, thank you”, so we tried out one last idea, which was the Mirror Lake Trailhead. It’s very dog friendly, and a lot of people like to go there to snowshoe in winter too. To our surprise, there was almost no wind! Score!

Obi’s eyes are pretty sensitive since birth, so he has dog goggles to protect them, which makes him look VERY fabulous. This time we popped on his booties too, to protect his paws from all the snowballs that like to collect there, and off we went! If you ever want to know what it’s like to be famous, just hang out Obi when he’s in his full gear- he creates quite a scene of people adoring him. He’s a really delightful dog and I loved our crazy snow adventure so very much. Enjoy the marshmallow fluff of marvelous Obi!


dog friendly fun in the snow on Mt. Hood

white dog in the wind in the snow

white dog in a blizzard in oregon

white dog lays in the snow

dog lays in the snow on Mt. Hood

dog plays in the snow at white river west sno park

white dog runs in the snow at white river west sno park on Mt Hood

white dog runs in the snow in a winter storm in Oregon

dog shakes in the snow

dog bounces in the snow

dog runs through the snow in a blizzard

white dog plays in the snow on Mt Hood

white dog on white snow

dog with goggles in the snow

dog runs with googles and boots in the snow in Oregon on the Mirror Lake Trail

dog poses in the snow with goggles on Mirror Lake trail in the winter in Oregon

dog wearing goggles and shoes in the snow

dog runs while wearing colorful goggles in the snow

man and dog look at each other while on a winter hike on Mirror Lake Trail in the Mt Hood area


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