Bug, Charlotte, Orange, Dodge, and Nugget | A Photo Session with Three Cats and Two Dogs

A question I get asked often is “How do I have a photo session that includes both my dogs and my cats?” It’s simple really, we just start the photo session at your house and concentrate on the cats and then move to another location outdoors to do the rest of the session with the dogs. I don’t really need a lot of space for this inside, just a couple windows, maybe a couch, bed, or chair. I can even bring a portable backdrop if you like the studio look. Working with cats requires adaptability and patience, so I make sure we have more than enough time so they can fully relax, have fun, and show off for me a bit if they want to.

I can even photograph cats that are “hiders”, although it’s pretty key to know exactly where your very shy cat is before I get there and make sure they can’t hide again where they won’t be found. I have some tactics that work to photograph them more comfortably, from a distance with a long zoom lens, with a person petting them and I can photoshop your hand out or you can pull it away for a quick second, and these cat caves that you see in the first couple photos work pretty well too. Cats feel safe in them and the caves photograph well too!

Occasionally some people will bring their cat to the outdoor location instead and just involve them for as long as possible with the dogs for group shots, but they can definitely relax more in their own environment, or photographed alone (without dogs) in a place without a ton of distractions.

Of course, adventure cats are a whole other story, which I won’t have to wait too long to tell you more since I have a pretty epic cat photo adventure coming up! 

Kelly is a veterinarian who wanted photos of all her pets, and her with them, for both her new website and just for her personally. It was easy to feel the beautiful bond she has with all of them and the delight they bring her.

We started off playing with her sweet and curious cats, Bug, Charlotte, and Orange, in her home while the dogs looked on, waiting for their turn and a little envious of all the cat treats. We took a little break after immersing in kitty play time and then headed out to a beautiful and remote location, where Dodge and Nugget got to frolic gleefully together. What a delightful day to spend with all these lovelies!


cat sits in cat cave

cat relaxing in cat cave

close up of cat face profile

cat plays with laser pointer

orange cat on an orange couch

dogs looking curious while sitting on ground inside

woman stands inside with her cat and two dogs

woman and orange cat look at each other

women poses with orange cat

woman with blonde hair hangs out with her three cats

cat on a black background

cat on a black background

two cats on a black background

two dogs sit together outside

happy dog outside

two dogs run together outside

two dogs run together outside

dog runs with ball in his mouth

dog kisses woman on cheek

funny close up of a dog

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