Benji | Cathedral Park Fall Photos

Cathedral Park is one of the most beautiful places to photograph fall colors in Portland, and when you combine that beauty with this amazing golden retriever Benji and his sweet humans, then it’s just a killer combo of delight and gorgeousness! I love his derpy expressions- it’s one of my favorite things when dogs get their lips caught on their teeth. His tongue got all delightfully dangly, what a funny boy! He has the thickest ears that were so fun to play with while he wasn’t rolling around in the leaves. You’ll see that this park has really vibrant colors in their leaves, and so many scarlet red ones which are my very favorites. We had many admirers of Benji’s adorableness, especially when Jasmin and Kevin were holding him up in front of the St. John’s bridge. I loved this session so much, and it makes me smile my face off whenever I think about it.


dog in autumn leaves at Cathedral Park in Portland

golden retriever smiles with his eyes closed

dog rolls around in the leaves

close up dog smile

couple with their dog at their fall photo session in Cathedral Park in North Portland.

dog smiles with autumn leaves behind him

dog poses in front of the autumn leaves

golden retriever in the fall in oregon

dog in front of the st. john's bridge

man hold dog in front of the st. johns bridge at cathedral park

couple holds up golden retreiver at best park for fall photo session in Portland

couple walks with dog at the best place for a fall photo session in portland oregon

couple's photo session with dog in Portland Oregon in the autumn

dog sits in front of the st. john's bridge in portland oregon

best places to take photos of dogs in portland in the fall

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