Vito | Oregon Coast Adventure Photo Session

Sometimes you and your dog just need a day purely focused on joy together. I hopped into Jovita’s car recently for a day full of adventure on the Oregon Coast with her marvelous Vito. She stopped for a moment to get us some coffee for the road, and Vito sat up in the back seat and gave me the sweetest high five ever and rested his paw on my shoulder. I just could not have been more excited to spend the day with this embodiment of love on four fluffy legs. He just has that “je ne sais quoi” and vibe of almost human understanding that makes you want to talk to him about all the things. He did give me some advice with a look alone, so thank you for that, sweet buddy! It’s no wonder he has a very large group of people and pups who adore him as much as I do!

No one loves him as much as Jovita does though- they are why the word soulmate was born. It’s just a completely beautiful thing to witness their connection and an honor to document it. Ah, we had so much fun running around together on the beach! It was so hilariously windy at Cannon Beach, which made for some amusing photos where you can’t even see Vito’s face. It was also brighter than expected, as it was supposed to be a cloudy day, so we took some silhouette photos that I adore, and spent some fun time at the Driftwood (a great spot in Cannon Beach that has pet friendly outdoor seating) while we waited for the sun to go down a little and the tides to recede. Vito’s bacon kept flying off the table, haha.

We headed to my favorite area on the Oregon Coast, which has an incredible waterfall in the winter and spring, and some of the most stunning beach landscapes ever. The coast has been a special place for these two over the last 12 years, so it was extra meaningful for Jovita to have them be photographed together there.

Thank you to Jovita and Vito for such a memorable and beautiful day.


dog on road trip to the Oregon Coast

Woman runs with her dog at Cannon Beach

goldendoodle dog at Cannon Beach

woman holding dog's hand at Cannon Beach

goldendoodle dog at Cannon Beach

woman holds dog's paw at Cannon Beach

woman kisses dog on the beach

dog at Cannon Beach

dog and woman sit on a log with the wind blowing

woman feeds dog a french fry in Cannon Beach

woman feeds dog a french fry in Cannon Beach

Woman and dog at Hug Point

Hug Point waterfall in winter

Oregon Coast dog photos

Dog on a rock on the Oregon Coast

Funny dog on the beach

White dog giving a high five

dog running out of cave in Oregon at the beach

Woman kisses her dog on the beach rocks

Goldendoodle dog runs on the beach in Oregon

Oregon dog photography

Dog walks on the beach in Arch Cape

Woman and dog play on the beach

white dog walks in water on Oregon Beach

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